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March Must Have: Long Sleeve Mini


Must Have: Ravishing Red Statement Peice


March Must Have: The Perfect Print

2013 Golden Globes: Vintage Inspiration on the Red Carpet

Lucy Lu looked gorgeous in her floral printed ball gown. The print reminds us of vintage inspired wallpaper that has been popping up all over the design scene.

Golden Globe winner Jennifer Lawrence was a vintage vision is this traffic stopping siren-red strapless number. The gorgeous bodice had a fabulous construction reminiscent of strapless swimwear from the 1950s.

Racehl Weisz made polka dots modern again. While the flirty print has been around for decades, the sheer neckline and floor length skirt were a modern take on a classic trend.


Could anyone have missed this connection? Lovely Jessica Alba seemed to be channeling the late Veronica Lake with her tumbling tresses. The likeness is uncanny!

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January Editorial Shoot: Look 1

Operation Vintage Rescue

We’ve all been there…. you’ve discovered a vintage treasure on a dig that is just what you’ve been searching for (even if you hadn’t realized it yet!), yay!!! Unfortunately, it’s in such a bad state of damage or disrepair that you think it might be beyond salvage. Don’t give up, I’ve got a few tips that might just make that diamond in the rough a little more enticing!

Let me tell you about the top featured above. As per tradition, I spent my birthday a few weeks ago thrifting and vintage store shopping to my heart’s content. (My 10 month old nephew wasn’t feeling it and had to be sent home about 10 minutes into the first store, but that is cool. We all know the thrift isn’t everyone’s bag, I still love you little buddy!) At one of my fav charity shops I discovered this rad 80s top, but there were stains marks galore all over the front. Somewhere deep down I knew I’d always been searching subconsciously for a top just like this one… and what if I never come across another one again?!? Of course, I just couldn’t leave it behind. Not this amazing 80s print, no way!

1) Have a creative backup plan. If you can’t get stains out on something, brainstorm before you spend on something of what you could do if it ends up being beyond your washing/repair expertise. Ex: For this top I was planning to upcycle it into a crop top since that would have cut off all the stains.

2) Use the damage as a bargaining chip… in the sweetest way possible! I asked the girl at the shop counter how much this top was and if she thought I could get the stains out and had ideas how to do it. I chatted her up about how much I loved it and how bummed I would be if I couldn’t get them out…. so offered to sell it to me for 50 cents. SCORE!

3) Tap your resources for knowledge. Mothers, grandmothers, or any other women from a previous generation are often a pleathora of laundry knowledge that is invaluable when it comes to vintage stain removal! Seriously, I consider my Mom my most knowledgable business consultant for this very reason. (Please don’t tell her, it might go to her head!) As per her suggestions I was able to get all the stains out, here’s how:

-I soaked the top by itself with a mix of detergent and oxyclean

-I ended up soaking this top for 3 days, changing the water once a day and rubbing a paste of detergent and oxyclean directly into all of the stain spots. Each time I checked it and repeated the process they were getting lighter and lighter.

-After the spots were as light as possible I removed the wet top and spot treated each tiny stain mark with a solution of 1/2 bleach and half water that I dapped on each mark with a q-tip (the top is off white so straight bleach would have been too harsh). After dabbing all the spots I waited about 60 seconds and re-submerged the top to soak for a bit to get all the bleach out. After removing the top and laying it out to dry the spots were totally gone!!!!


Click on this post title to leave a comment if you’ve got any great tips for getting stains out of vintage! Other types of repair tips are welcome too!

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Sneak peek from our latest shoot…



Couldn’t Resist…

We just scored on a pretty amazing haul of vintage hats! I couldn’t resist the urge to post some fashion inspiration pics from one of my all time favorite rocker greats… and could she ever pull off a beret or what?!? A gypsy to the core, Stevie Nicks never disappoints in the hat department.