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Random Vintage Ads

I was doing a little research for a special project I’m working on and stumbled upon some pretty intriguing retro advertisements. A few have amazing vintage apparel, some are so wrong it’s right, and others are so sexist I just couldn’t resist including them here so that you can all gasp along with me in outrage and laughter!

Image via


This dress reminds me so much of the recent Chanel commercial with Charlize Theron, what a timeless style!


Image Via:

Can you read the tiny caption at the bottom? “No Throat Irritation-No Cough,” I guess they hadn’t heard of emphysema back then.


Image Via

Feed your baby Soda…. Marvelous idea!!!

Image Via

I definitely wouldn’t want to be married to anyone who works for Chase & Sanborn. It’s no wonder Starbucks has taken over the world when their early counterparts were promoting domestic violence.


Image Via

I’m a total sucker for vintage swimwear. I probably would have bought a convertible off of this ad.


Image Via

“Here honey… let me drag you down the hall by your hair so we can find you some more comfortable spanks.” Ingenious!


Image Via

Vitamins + Housework = Sexy Wife. Got it.


Image Via

Yeah…. I’d imagine your tooth probably would stop hurting if you did some cocaine.


Image Via

I wish the rest of the text were visible on the bottom of this one. “Patterns that”… what? It’s a real cliff hanger. I hope a woman came up with this ad and doped a million idiots into buying these hideous ties thinking their wives would bow down in servitude.


Image Via

Great message; You can TRUST our cigarettes! I really do love her styling though!



4 Responses to “Random Vintage Ads”

  1. Sue 04. Jan, 2012 at 6:29 pm #

    Love the one strap on the Chanel ad dress, and the bottom has a beautiful drape. What fun ads, it crazy to think sexism was so rampant back in the day!

  2. Laura 06. Jan, 2012 at 4:35 pm #

    As someone who works in marketing/advertising these were a hoot to read! LOL GREAT POST!!!

  3. Jessica 12. Jan, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

    These are awesome! Thanks for sharing, they are not only entertaining, but gives perspective on how much advertising has advanced.


  1. Chicken - 08. Feb, 2012


    This is a really good site Thank you for your effort writing this post…

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